The purpose of Partnership is to join with other followers of Christ in building a Christ-centered community shaped by the mission God has for us at All Things New Covenant Church (ATN).


Partners commit to joining God’s work of cultivating new beginnings through ATN by becoming ordinary apprentices of Jesus reflecting a life of discipleship committed and submitted to the Lordship of Christ as expressed through the five core practices of ATN:  hospitality, kinship, justice, nonconformity, and growth.


ATN Partners commit together by God’s grace and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to live lives in a manner consistent with the life and teachings of Jesus, to reflect the love of Christ in all our relationships, and to support the broader mission of Christ through the Covenant Denomination and its Pacific Southwest Conference.  


ATN Partnership is for those who trust Jesus as Lord and Savior and have, through faith, been born anew to a living hope through the Holy Spirit.  Partners are committed to participate in the life of ATN, living as an apprentice of Jesus and faithfully supporting ATN through sacrificial giving of time, talent and resources, and praying for the vision of ATN and its leaders.  


Partnership is for a term of two years and may renewed by reaffirming this Partnership commitment. 

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