John Hanneman

John Hanneman

I grew up in Nebraska and studied Computer Science in college. After school I moved to California in the early seventies and worked as a software engineer for ten years at which point, I was asked to join the staff of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto. Three years ago, I retired from full-time ministry and my wife and I moved to the Monterey Peninsula. Liz and I have been married for 46 years. We have three children and six grandchildren.

Even though I am retired, life is still very full. I have been trained as a Spiritual Director, work with a team of folks providing spiritual care for pastors and ministry leaders, and lead discussion groups for Fuller Seminary. Occasionally I preach and lead retreats.

My church experience growing up was mostly cultural. However, I experienced deep connections with God and longed for something more than what I saw in the world. This led to a search for meaning in college and eventually Jesus found me after being lost for several years.

At this point in my life what I love is to spend time one-on-with people listening to their stories and going deeper in their experience of God. That is why RGR is so attractive to me. I find that most people, whether in the church or not, do not have a companion to explore what is deep within them, especially in times of questioning, struggle, and suffering. Resilience is the soil in which I seem to be called.

For myself I connect with God best through books and poetry since I am a verbal person. My hobbies include golf and cycling. I am open to meeting by phone, zoom, or in person.