Lynn Zwagerman

Lynn Zwagerman

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and lived upstate New York as an adult before moving to Menlo Park  California in 1976.  My husband and I have lived in Monterey since 2002.

I am retired but am busy and happy volunteering as a member of ATN’s ministry leadership team, and as a board member of a local art association.  I am a mom and a stepmom to 3 grown children and have mostly grown grandchildren as well.  My professional life was for the most part as a computer software entrepreneur.  I've also been employed as an  information systems manager (most recently with the city of Monterey) and as a consultant. I’ve served in both paid and volunteer leadership positions at a couple of churches.  I have several interests and hobbies including painting (watercolor), reading, walking and hiking, and playing golf and occasionally pickleball.

I came to faith in Christ at a Christian camp in upstate New York when I was 11. I wandered away from church and my faith for many years as a young adult, but God, not giving up on me, brought me back to both faith and to a church community.  Connecting with God on a daily basis through devotional journaling and reading and through community, as well as through worship and though serving is central to my faith journey.

I very much enjoy one-on-one relationships and helping people achieve their goals. In the past I have served in a women’s one-on-one mentoring program, and as a Stephens Minister, and also as a divorce recovery leader and guide.   I am interested in each of the RGR areas of focus...perhaps most interested in helping people grow.

I am happy to meet by zoom or, when allowed,  in person.