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Robert & Rae Rife

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Birthdays:  Robert 9-23 Rae 4-8



Contact Facebook: /robert.rife


Twitter: @RevCelt63

Instagram: @celtrev63

Robert and Rae Rife are beginning their ministry in Great Britain (Edinburgh, Scotland).  They seek to partner with like-minded churches/organizations to reach out to “ex-vangelicals” and those outside the mainstream church.  They will do this through the arts, spiritual formation and justice.  

Jochy & Tammi Hernandez

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Birthdays:  Jochy 11-5, Tammi 2-14 Arthur 1-7-16, Hope 9-19-17


Instagram: @talcomosoymtcs

Our hearts break for those who do not feel welcome in the traditional church. Santiago de los Caballeros is a di- verse and vibrant city, but there are many who feel disillusioned with the expression of the traditional church.

The community of La Real had no basketball court, baseball field, school, or church in the community. Many neighbors have shared their struggle to raise children in a community that has nothing but bad things to offer and their frustrations of not feeling welcomed by evangelicals.

Jochy and I felt called to start a small leadership team, teaching them the values and components of the Covenant Church. We are considered the first (unofficial) Covenant Church in the Caribbean! Our church Tal Como Soy (Just as I Am) has been coined by others as “the church of sinners,” “the church of the rappers,”

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