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All Things New seeks to serve those in need in our local community in a variety of ways and you are invited to participate.  As you will see, we are reaching out to those who need additional support in their lives. Our prayers, as well as material support, are instrumental in the backbone of these partnerships.

Opportunities to Serve

Helping to resource people in need by shopping for/donating food and other items is one way you can serve.  Helping to deliver our donations is another.  You can also participate in occasional work projects or even get involved in shaping or supporting these ministries in more meaningful ways. 

To arrange to drop off your donations or if you

Have questions?

contact: info@allthingsnew.church



In this season of the corona virus, with so many of our neighbors in need, we have found one simple way that All Things New can help! The Grower Shipper Association is providing housing at two hotels in Monterey and Seaside to local agriculture workers who are either COVID positive or exposed. All Things New is partnering with SVMHS to supply a few resources to make their time in quarantine more comfortable. In their fear and frustration we want to offer comfort! 



Our community is fortunate to have the non-profit Meals on Wheels Monterey Peninsula provide for our senior population. While they do a wonderful job bringing food to seniors, we want those seniors know that they are remembered on their birthdays. With that goal in mind, we gather items and make a birthday gift bags for those who receive their food from Meals on Wheels. It is heartwarming that they are so appreciative of our small gestures. 




Gathering for Women is a resource for homeless women…offering meals, a laundry facility, coaching, classes,  personal items and more.  All Things New partners with this organization by providing a monthly gift box of personal care items. For more information about this organization see https://www.gatheringforwomen.org.

We are committed to serving our Monterey High School community.  As reported in this news article, we are partnering with school leaders to provide inventory for a new school resource center created to serve the needs of under-resourced students.  We support the center by providing personal care items, food, school supplies, clothing and more.  The center includes laundry facilities and so laundry supplies are another much needed item we have agreed to supply. Another way we bless the school is by working to beautify its campus. We recently completed a major landscaping project which looks great. We also organize campus cleanup events, removing trash and freshening up areas through cleaning and painting projects.


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